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Monday, July 15, 2013

Versace turning kinesio tape into high fashion?

During Milan Men's Fashion week for the S/S 2014 collection, Versace had an unexpected twist to their collection. Along with the clothes, they included sports tape with the collection. Mind you, this is a high fashion collection, not the Olympics or some sporting event. Not only was the kinesio tape peeking out from under rolled up blazers, it was featured on button ups & sweatshirts along with bare legs. This collection came as sort of a shocking new trend to the fashion world. 
Kinesio tape came into the limelight around the 2008 Olympics when Kerry Walsh, a volleyball player, wore it during a match. This became one of the most Googled topics during the Olympics & everyone wanted to know what this oddly shaped/ colored thing was. Being an injured athlete (figure skater to be precise), I have been using Spidertech, a form of this kinesiology tape, for over a year and a half now. Whether it actually works or is just a mental thing, I shall never know. However, it does help alleviate some of my back pain & makes for a great conversation piece. I have used the upper back, shoulder, lower back, and groin all on my back to help with my injuries. My doctor laughs at my antics because I will protest against using the non-colored strips. My view is if I am going to wear it, then I may as well make a statement. Whenever I wear it people always stare and ask questions about my tan lines or this thing on my back. You would think I had some contagious disease & not a sports injury...
Finally, Versace has made kinesio tape come back into the limelight. For this injured girl, I couldn't be happier that a high fashion brand has made kinesio tape seem 'cool'. As I have learned, the normal people of the world like to copy the world of high fashion. Granted, I don't think that kinesio tape will be a trend next season but I do believe it can happen. I think the fashion world is slowly gearing up for it. They have started by using it in the mens collections to see the reaction of the world. If it ends up on the womens runway, I think it will catch on. People are still scared to show off injuries but we can make it fashionable by turning it into an accessory.
The trend of showing off your bra through a burnout  t-shirt can be modified with kinesio tape or turn it into a pop of color accessory as a bold statement piece.
My question is: Do you think I can turn this runway trend into an every day look? 
*Pictured: Cotton t-shirt with the open back and Spidertech tape as my accessory.*

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lexi Like's: 2013 Swimsuit edition

Hello to all my fashionista's!
I literally cannot fathom how June is already over and the summer is already a 1/3 of the way over. I hope everyone has started to work on their tan lines and has had time to hit the beach at least once! With summer officially started, every girl needs an awesome bathing suit to show off in! The three major types of bathing suites are the bikini, one-piece, and cutout. My favorite styles include the sporty (giving athleticism a feminine twist), retro (high waisted w/ prints), black/ white (a classic), pop of color (bright, fun colors), and boho (easy and carefree).

Sporty: This is a limited edition swimsuit. The bottoms look like boy shorts & the top looks like a sports bra. Even though the shapes are more boyish, the texture looks like leather which is totally sexy! $162 for the set.

Retro: This bathing suit comes in blue as well as maroon. High waisted bottoms are the hottest bathing suit trend. I love this because my washboard abs sometimes have a bit of fat over them & I need a way to hide it! The bows on the top and bottoms as well as the rushing on the bottoms are fun accents. The polka dots make this so retro-cuteness! $44 for top and bottom, each sold separately.
Urban Outfitters Retro Bikini

Black/ White: I have this bikini and I am obsessed! I love the trend of the bandeau top for bikinis. Also, it hides that unsightly under-boob bugle. Top is on sale for $23.76 & bottoms are on sale for $14.25.
Asos Black/ White Bikini

POP: Mint is thee color of summer and gold is my favorite accent color. The crystals also give this a lux feel. An easy suit to mix & match other pieces with. Top is on sale for $46.50 & bottoms are on sale for $25.50
Victoria Secret Bikini

Boho: This suit comes in watermelon, black, creme, citrus, & paprika. Fringe is very boho and gives it that 'I don't care vibe even though half my clothing is shredded". My favorite color is the paprika. Add different bottoms in a solid or add a texture bottom for variety. Top is $73 & bottoms are $68.

One Piece:
Sporty: Marc Jacobs is nailing this sporty look! The navy and aqua color look amazing in this use of colorblocking.  The peplum gives this sporty silhouette a girly feel. Suit sells for $177.

Retro: Stripes are the epidemy of 60's and retro! Peplums have been huge for the past two seasons & they are still prevailing as seen here. Peplums can be very flattering on all figures. Also, the way they place the stripes brings your the eye in which will make your waist smaller. This one-piece goes for $149.99.
ModCloth One Piece

Black/ White: Black is always a classic and this is your LBB (little black bathing-suit). The deep v-neck and the completely open back are gorgeous. I like the flared skirt/ bottom as it will hide a larger bottom. Plus, the belt is detachable and it is easy to pair with a pair of jeans after a dip in the pool. This piece is a splurge for $384.

POP: This swimsuit comes in mint, coral, and black. The rushing on the top along with the ruffles show off your bust. The back has the tie clasp and rushing on the butt. If your stomach is a problem area, this is perfect to draw attention away. This swimsuit is on clearance for $26.99, sweet deal!

Boho: Crochet is very boho fresh. This swimsuit is amazing but very revealing! For a one-piece almost everything is out, or just slightly hidden. This bathing suit hopefully comes with confidence to show off that much skin! This suit sells for $168.
Sporty: Another way to work a cutout; use mesh instead of skin! The halter neck makes this feel sporty but with the open back and deep v-neck it gives it this sexy feel. You can purchase this for $50.91.
Asos Sporty Cutout

Retro: One may not think of Free People as 'retro' but this swimsuit reminds me of an 80's leo! The super highwaisted bottoms hide the tummy but the cutout in the middle draws the attention a bit higher up. The cutout followed by the rushing draws the eyes up to your bust, always a plus! This cutout is sold for $246.
Free People Cutout

Black/ White: This swimsuit has the cutout in the front as well as the back. What I love more then the high waisted bottom, the zig zag cutout! I have never seen a swimsuit that uses such an avant-garde shape. Definitely makes a statement! This unique design sells for $313.
POP: This swimsuit comes in yellow and black with a mint bow at the hip. I am obsessed with cutouts and the deep v-neck, open back, and side cutout is perfect. This lets you be covered up but it shows skin in areas where a girl won't mind showing off. This cutout one piece is sold for $120.
Urban Outfitters Cutout

Boho: This is a simpler take on the boho trend. The fringe on the v-neckline gives it that boho feel but the black makes it much sleeker. The band around the waist that leads to the double band in the back is an unexpected twist. Asos sells this swimsuit for $54.30.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Lexi Likes: Fashion for June

Hello Fashionista's!
I'm sorry my fashion updates have been lacking. Between work, coaching, & school, I have not had much time. However, my first semester is finally over and I did extremely well *yay*. Now that school is over, I want to focus some of my creative energy back into writing. I came up with a new concept to do a fashion board of what I am loving for each month. This inspiration actually came from a school project where we had to create a new magazine concept. My lips are sealed on what I designed ;). Who knows, maybe my plan can actually become a reality.

1) One can NEVER go wrong with a blazer! I think everyone should own multiple blazers. With the summer months creeping up, I like to add a pop of color to my blazer to keep it festive. Black can be boring & a color mixes it up.
2) Peplum tops have to be one of my favorite trends. They hide my 'pooch' (or extra stomach) & give any body a nice shape. The leather w/ the knit sides will slim you down as well.
3) I have always noticed that whenever I wear red, guys eyes start to wander! Add the cutouts in the front & back, you'll have the boys drooling. This dress features the lazer etching which has been huge this season as well.
5) I love my motorcycle jackets & can literally pair it with anything. In the summer, black jackets can seem to heavy & the white gives it a fresher feel. Plus, winter whites are a huge trend to transform this jacket from summer to winter.
6) Showing off your toned stomach is the must have for summer 2013 & the crop top is back! I mean if you have a six pack then sure, go show off to everyone. If you are a normal human being (like myself), wearing a high waisted shorts/ skirt makes this trend actually doable.
7) This looks like a plain maxi but turn around and bam, *red carpet moment, bum to the photogs, look at this dress* moment. Open backs are the epidemy of sexiness & this even has a bit of side boob going on. Wear it as a beach coverup or a statement necklace for a night out.
8) I have almost the exact same skirt from Asos & I constantly wear mine. We transferred from the leather looks of winter to the wet leather for the warmer months. This is the trend piece. Pair with a jean shirt or a white t-shirt for a killer outfit.
9) Jean jackets have made a comeback over the last few months. I love this Topshop acid wash jean jacket as it reminds me of the 90's. Pair it with a dress or wear it as outerwear. Either way, you'll get your moneys worth with this piece.
10) Chambray shirts made a huge statement this winter underneath a sweater. However, I still want to keep rocking mine!! Pair it with colored shorts or a leather skirt for an awesome outfit.
11) To say that I am obsessed with maxi's for the summer is an understatement. I am not usually a fan of prints but these multicolor remind me of watercolors & art. This dress is super cool & can be accessorized in so many ways.
12) Recently, I tried on a pair of my brothers distressed jeans & wanted to A) cry with joy that they fit (he's a twig) & B) they looked fab! Guys wear jeans in the right way & they are always perfectly distressed. Now, if only they sold boyfriends with these jeans!

Lexi Likes: Accessories for June

1) I have been seeing a ton of people wearing the ankle strap w/ the small strap across the toes & a moderate heel. These shoes just scream I'm chic & can rock anything. The nude ones are great for elongating legs or be daring & try a colored heel.
2) This shape reminds me of the Celin bag that juts out of the sides except with a more reasonable price tag! This Asos bag is pretty in pink but the studs on the sides give it an edge. I love the play of textures between the leather and studs. The pink is girly yet light for summer.
3) These bubble necklaces have become thee statement necklace recently. This one is from Etsy & you can purchase a variety of colors through them. It is a fun piece to jazz up a simple basics. It isn't too overwhelming so the most conservative girl can rock it.
4) Kate Spade knows how to make the chicest pieces like this bracelet. I love the color mint especially for the upcoming summer months. This piece is super simple but the diamond where the clasp is an unexpected twist.

5) I have these MIA flats in black & I am obsessed! They are super comfortable & I am able to walk all over the city with no problems. The gold toe takes boring black flats and turns them into a trendy flat.
7) Nothing is more fun then stripes and a pop of color! Kate Spade created a new line called Saturday & this bag is from the collection. I love the long shoulder strap & the petit size. This can easily be worn with a casual outfit or used to spice up a night outfit.
7) I have been obsessed with this House of Harlow necklace since I first laid eyes on it. It is a statement necklace without being too much of a statement. You can pair another necklace over it for a dynamic look. Plus, gold and black is my favorite color combo right now!
8) This Rebecca Minkoff leather bracelet is to die for. It is just the right amount of edgy with some glam. First, they used my favorite color combination. Secondly, studs are very in right now and if you look closely, there are little diamonds in between the rows of studs. This bracelet can be used for a variety of looks.

9) I have been in love with these sandals since they first came out. The large ankle strap w/ the lock hardware isn't something I have seen. They came in black, camel, & black/ white snakeskin but they are all fabulous. I'll take a pair of each!
10) This Kate Spade bag is super adorable and can turn from a clutch to an over the shoulder bag. What is fun about this bag is how it's a conversation piece. The question can be posed of "where are we going?". This is not a bag you see every day and the gold plated hardware makes it seem very luxe.
11) A different take on the bubble necklace. I love the mix of colors they used from the muted grays to the pop of lime green. With the mix of colors, this is best for a simple outfit or to jazz up a LBD.
12) I remember when I was younger we made friendship bracelets. Now, they're back as a fashion statement! Add a gold chain and it turns into a statement piece.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things you learn the first week of fashion school..

I must say I am fashionable late on this post! I have been in school for about a month and have my first midterm in two weeks.. However, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what it's like to be a student going to FIT.

Things you learn the first week of fashion school:
1) From your neighbor to your dentist, everyone will ask you if you are going there to be a designer.. I wish I could yell at people that ask me this question. The fashion industry is a BILLION dollar industry, there is a lot more to it then just designing. FIT offers other majors, not fashion related, like fragrance, toy design, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. 
2) You may think that you are eccentric and edgy, but in reality you are probably not. I used to think I had an edgy streak with my all black, combat boots, or leather jacket. This is nothing compared to what you will see around campus. Colored hair, piercing, ripped clothes, and prints are casual. This means you must step up your game when going to class. Everyone will silently judge your look as if the classroom is a runway.
3) You can usually tell which major a person is in. The trend for designers now is to look homeless and grungy. The business majors are usually a bit more conservative. Of course there's exceptions to every rule!
3) It seems as though the entire school is from somewhere in NY or another country. It almost feels like I am the only one from NJ! I know this is false but every person I've introduced myself to is from NY. Also, they have a lot of foreigners at the school and there are several people in my class that I can't pronounce their names. I found this quite surprising but we are at the Harvard of Fashion.
3) This will not be your "normal" college experience. The cliche of dorms, hookups, tons of boys, and parties is not entirely what you will be getting. The majority of the boys are gay so hooking up is usually out of the equation. I was ecstatic to see that I had five, yes five (I wish I could make this more dramatic) guys in my class. Also, the majority of the students commute so dorming isn't the same experience as living with your entire school. Having a city dorm is much different then being in the suburbs. There doesn't seem to be any parties at the school, you have the entire city at your disposal. If you want your college experience to be straight out of a movie, fashion school is not the place to go.
5) Everyone knows someone that went to the school. This usually involves some awkward "oh really" chit chat. I know that FIT offers pre-college classes, non-credit classes, seminars, and a one year program. We are a 2+2 year school which means you have to reapply for your bachelors. When someone says they want there, take it with a grain of salt. You never know if they want for a BA/BS, AAS, or just a pre-college/ seminar course.
6) If you think you are going to a fashion school to just study fashion, you are very wrong. You are required to take a certain amount of liberal classes in order to graduate. These consist of English, Social Science, Math, Art History, Science, and Gym. Along with knowing how to drape, draw, buy, you will go back to your high school ways of learning statistics or psych. I was not to fond of this at first. Once you break down the industry, there's a whole lot of numbers that go into that final garment that you see on the shelf.
7) You must have a passion for your major, fashion, and trends. FIT is actually very hard to get into and every student accepted should live for this industry. There's no point in going to this school unless you breathe fashion or art. In a way, only the strong survive this school. There a lot of people that go to this school because they like to sew or like to shop. However, most of these people never actually graduate because they can't handle the pressure. This is a school that prepares you for this cut throat industry and it takes a thick skin to make it out alive.

Monday, December 24, 2012

25 Days of Fashion: December 25

Merry Christmas!!! It is quite depressing to know that we don't have anything left on our fashion advent calendar. Today, we have one of the items that I need to own before I die as well as a complete splurge. I have obssessed over these bedazzled Christian Louboutin's for years. Heels, sparkles, and red bottoms: a girl can't ask for much more. Even though they cost as much as a couple of months rent, I am still obsessed. They retail for $6395. My father would fall off his chair if he saw this. Guess I'll have to date wealthy! Christian Louboutins

Sunday, December 23, 2012

25 Days of Fashion: December 24

 I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve!! On today's tab is something I've been dying to try, Ciate nail polish. I am obsessed with nail polish, to the point that I feel naked without any on. Nail polish has almost become an accessory with the amount of colors and textures they have invented. This Ciate brand has two different kinds I want to try. The one is the 'velvet' and the other is 'caviar'. They add such interested textures to your nails. Plus, it has great advertising by showing the colors on lips. You can buy your own bottle at Sephora for $25 for the caviar and $19 for the velvet.                                Ciate Caviar Nail Polish               Ciate Velvet Nail Polish