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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Econ paper!

Today, I am doing something a little different then my normal 'hottest fashion'. This post does involve fashion but it was for a school project. I want to share this with everyone so hopefully in a few years I can look back on this and get inspiration to make it happen or maybe it will have already happened and I can be proud of my accomplishment.
I am currently a junior in high school and I am taking honors economics. We had to do a project as if we were a budding entrepreneur and think of a product we'd like to produce. You had to go into details on what it is, how it's packaged, prices, where it would sell, how you'd advertise, who would buy the item, and how you would produce the item. My first thought when I read this was fashion. If you know me personally then you know I love everything bedazzled. I've had people offer to pay me to bedazzle their accessories and say that I should start my own company. This was the perfect opportunity to start a business plan in a non-serious way and hopefully get an easy A on my project. I want to share with you my 'business plan' aka my econ project. I want feedback if you'd be interested in buying something from this line if I ever started this line. Or if you know anyone to make collection happen! *This is my own work. Please do not take this and plagiarize it for your own use! Thanks*

"From a young age I have had a love for fashion, over the years this love has turned into an obsession. My mission is to start a bedazzled accessory collection. We will have a line of accessories from shoes to cell phone cases that are engrossed with Swarovski crystals. Some accessories will have designers, others more simplistic, but all will be fabulous. Every crystal will be hand done with special precision. Every piece has a bedazzled heart so make sure you look out for this signature design. Every piece of the line comes in a white sparkly box with our logo appearing in crystals diagonally inscribed across the box. The line ranges in prices due to the amount of crystals and time put into each piece. We only use the best materials for our customers and our designs only contain Swarovski crystals. We aim to appear like a high fashion company without their exorbitant prices. These accessories will soon be out in major department stores or you can purchase them through our website.
My inspiration for this line comes from my obsession for bedazzling. I have bedazzled many of my own objects to many envious stare and awe. I want others to be able to have jaw dropping accessories that everyone wishes they could have. To be able to bedazzle an object can take hours which most people don’t have. Instead, these shoes give you the look you want without those time consuming hours glueing on crystals. Fashion should be universal and I want to be able to share my fashion secrets with the world. Accessories make an outfit and these can make your outfit sparkle (pun intended).
The person I envision in the collection is a of course someone who loves bling, a fashionista, and someone who isn’t afraid to test the limits of fashion. A completely bedazzled shoe is a show stopper and draws attention so the women needs to have confidence to pull off the look. In this collection there is no age range, a teenager or middle age women could pull off a pair of bedazzled heels for different occasions.  A teenager may want a fully bedazzled phone case while an older women may want a phone case with just crystal accents. A person would buy from the collection because they love fashion and want to enhance their wardrobe or fashion collection. A women can never have to many accessories. No matter what your dad or husbands bank account says you can always use another accessory! The benefit of fashion is that when you look good, you feel good and radiate from that. Getting complimented on your bedazzled heels is a definate confident booster and makes you feel great. When you feel your best you are the happiest in life. Also, your boyfriend won’t always be there but your accessories always will and always make you look good. Our accessories will make you fall in love, you may even be tempted to marry them!
For fashion, it is all about whether the customer likes your product enough to buy it. You need to get the word out about your product so that people become interested. The best way to get publicity for our product is to send our accessories to celebrities so that they wear them out and get photographed in them. Once a celebrity endorses or wears a product it gets instant buzz and every fan wants it. Once one person is rocking fashion then someone will ask where that person got it and want it for themselves. This is the start of the use of word of mouth in motion.  We’ll have advertisements around the web to catch the buyers attention especially on fashion sites. Social media is the best way to get your product out to the public. Having a twitter account with updates and a Facebook page will get attention from the millions of people that use these sites daily. The catchphrase, “Diamonds are a girls best friend” will be the main motto of our product.
To produce the collection we would need products to bedazzle on. I would have to work with a company to design and create the products needed. I would be in charge of the design process to make sure they represent our company and the girl we picture in our line. The products will be made in an offsite factory. We would have a workshop in  the NYC area. The factory will ship the finished product to the workshop. This is where the magic happens and our team of bedazzlers would create their masterpieces. The workplace would resemble more of an unlivable apartment with spacious rooms and modern decorations and furniture. This would be the place where we can have market week so distributers can see the collection and get a feel of what they will want in their stores for the upcoming season. Also, we can have clients come here for consultations and fittings. After the accessory is blinged out to perfection it is sent back to the factory to be packaged and shipped to stores and buyers. Upon purchase the customer can fall in love and strut in their bedazzled creations."

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